Indigo Shibori Pillow Cover

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This beautiful handmade indigo-dyed shibori pillow cover will make any space look amazing! 

Material: ramie and natural indigo

20x20 inches

Each piece is hand dyed with love, so please allow for slight variations in color and pattern.

The designer uses natural indigo dye and shibori dying techniques. Shibori is the process of manipulating fabric by binding, twisting, knotting, folding etc to create truly unique designs. Once bound, pieces are submerged in the natural dye anywhere from 2-10 times and then hung in between to oxidize in order to achieve the depth of color desired. A very time intensive process, but the results are amazing.

All items have been pre-washed. Repeated washing or excessive exposure to direct sunlight can cause colors to fade. To keep your indigo beautiful, wash only when necessary on cold and line dry… a few minutes to fluff in the dryer is usually fine too.


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